Creating a believable world


01. About US

Are you creating a fictional universe, but want the surroundings to feel believable and authentic? Are you pulling your hair out trying to recreate a very specific real-world cityscape, and have no idea where to start when narrowing down its many architectural styles? Well, you have just arrived at the one co-development studio that is uniquely suited to help you with both.

At Ernst & Borg Studio, we combine our skills in game development with eleven years’ experience working with real-life architecture. The result is a niched expertise in creating environments that are believable, authentic, atmospheric and engaging.

02. What we do

Co-developing your game

As a part of your team we help you develop your game with our expertise in architecture and modular design.

Architectual consultation

We assist you in the world creation and make sure that you get the right wibe and architecture.

a Modular world

We help you create great modular kits for your artist to use in the world building process.

Asset creation

We help you create assets for your game. Our main focus is architecture but we do all kind of props.

Materials & Shaders

To set your world alive we create good looking materials with a modular and performance focused mind set.

Brewed coffee

Did we say that we are brewing the most significant coffe as well?

03. Megagrant recipient

We believe that architecture and game development are two fields that could, and should, evolve together. Apparently, the good people at Epic agree with us! As of 2020, they awarded us the Epic MegaGrant to support our project of bridging the knowledge gap between how Unreal Engine is utilized as a game engine and how it is used as a design visualization tool.


There is no overstating the importance of environmental storytelling in creative media. Subtle changes in materials, textures and compositions can completely shift the mood of an audience while well-constructed fictional settings can propel them into a virtual reality that is just as palpable, engaging and believable as the real one. 

The recreation of a real-world location, on the other hand, can require the boiling down of an entire city’s urban typology to a few core structures that represent the very essence of experiencing that particular city.

In this time-consuming and intricate process, architectural expertise is an invaluable asset. This is where Ernst & Borg Studio comes into the picture.

05. Background

An idea is born from the sketch
Ernst & Borg Studio is a part of Ernst & Borg Architecture – an architectural firm established in 2015 with over 300 successful projects in the rear-view mirror, and more exciting prospects coming up ahead.

The lead artist of the Studio auxiliary, Johan Ernstsson, is professionally trained in architecture, visualization, communication and game development. He has a total of eleven years’ experience working with architecture, and has worked as a Building Artist at Massive Entertainment, as well as a lead 3D Artist at a Swedish design firm. Motivated by past experience, Johan is on a mission to harmonise design and function with storytelling and gameplay.


Outsourcing affords you the opportunity to utilize top-tier industry speciality without having to worry about prior training and logistics. As a co-development studio, we can support you with part of your project, or see it through with you from beginning to end. Basically, whether you want to create a virtual environment or need to do a professional rendition of an existing one – we are there for you from researching to shipping!

At Ernst & Borg Studio, we collaborate closely with our clients and engage in all projects whole-heartedly, to produce the best possible end-product. In our mind, your project is our project.

07. Clients & Partners